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The New Rule on Ceiling Paint

Author: Sydney Piwowar

ceiling paint 1.jpg

There used to be general rules that contractors, architects, and designers alike would follow for ceiling paint. There was one Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams, Behr, etc. paint that we all memorized the color code of and used on every project. 

I am proud to announce that we do not have to anymore! Clients are always shocked when we show them an amazing color and suggest it goes on their ceiling. Well I am telling you its ok to break the rules - we actually prefer it at JTD. 

ceiling paint 6.jpeg

That being said, there is nothing wrong with white. There are lots of amazing shades of white out there. But we think if you’re going to paint your room white, then do it right. Apply color in your furniture, walls, rugs, art, lighting, etc. 

ceiling paint 7.jpg

Color is a careful balancing act that our clients often struggle with. Do not be afraid of it, embrace it. Use it sparingly though, and in the right places or else you will give yourself and your guests a visual overload.