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Brass Swing Arm Sconces

Author: Sydney Piwowar

Heres the truth about swing arm sconces - people are too afraid to use them. A light that attaches to the wall and sticks out far into the room can be intimidating because it is very permanent. Their placement can determine the layout of a room. With the help from your favorite designers at JTD, we are here to tell you that they are aren't scary. They take a designer with the right experience to make sure you are putting them in the right place for your space. We have curated a few of our favorite applications to prove it to you. 

1. Ambient Lighting — Long Swing Arm Sconce

2. Bed Task Lighting — Short Swing Arm Sconce

3. Direct Lighting — Short Swing Arm Sconce

4. Task Lighting — Bent Swing Arm Sconce

5. Spot Light — Directional Swing Arm Sconce

Plug-In Pendants and Sconces – The Go To Problem Solvers

Author: Sydney Piwowar

You hear me talk about lighting all the time and how it is key to give any space a particular mood. In reality, it has a much more practical application required for everyday life. We need good lighting for tasks such as work, getting dressed, make up, shaving, cooking, etc. Getting good lighting can be hard though because not every house has electrical wired from every wall and ceiling. You can try to add in all the lamps you want, but sometimes it's just not enough. You need light either hanging from the ceiling or jetting out from a wall to give light on a particular angle. Now if you don't have electrical hardwired and don't have the budget to open up your walls, many lighting companies offer plug in options to allow you to hang light at your desired location, and plug it in at the closest power source. Yes, wow! Best idea ever!

Except.. for years they didn't have any that were particularly aesthetically pleasing. Lately, I have found that lighting designers have caught up with this huge need within the design community and have created new and beautiful plug in options to not only fix your lighting needs, but add beautiful features to your room.  

Seems too good to be true.. So whats the catch? Well, for those looking to add pendants, who wants a cord hanging in the middle of their room? No one.  Room & Board has developed a product to fix this issue though! The ingenious solution is called the Tandem Ceiling Mount for Pendants. It allows you to connect your desired lighting fixture to the ceiling mount, then provides clips to connect the 20 foot long cord to the wall to keep it in place and clean. 

plugin pendants 3-1.jpg

Another company called Little Bishop has mastered the art of "swag" lighting. They have developed a product geared to replace the impractical metal hook often used to hang pendants on. What I love about their pendant posts is that they are all finished in a bright white undercoat which can be either left as is, or easily painted to match your space. How amazing is that!

plugin pendants 4.jpg

I have rounded up a few of our favorite plug in designs below to help inspire you to fix your lighting needs!

plugin pendants 7.jpg
plugin pendants 9.jpg