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Tips on How to Style Accessories for Any Room

Accessories are the key to rounding out a space. It is a critical piece to create a “well lived in” feeling and to personalizes a room. Accessories are much like a great pair of heels or chunky cuff bracelet to punch up a look. We are forever on the search for great accessories and have a private Pinterest board devoted to special finds we stumble on in our research in designing a home.

The happy combination of accessories is size, texture and layering. Key to any well styled accessory book shelf or coffee table is:

  1. 4-5 small to medium solid shapes.

  2. Open and woven shapes, such as small sculptures, baskets, etc.

  3. No glass vases. Solid colors create better silhouettes. Mix of the color and shapes, unless you are going for an intentional all white look. It will feel more organic and natural if they are different sizes and shapes.

  4. Personal items, such as a clients collection of vintage coins or memories from travels.

  5. Coffee table books and varied sizes of decorative storage boxes. These make great opportunities to create height.

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