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Playroom Ideas Kids Can Grow Into

In my early career, I starting by doing solely kids spaces, so when I get an opportunity to create one for a client it’s a natural place to slip into creatively.

My biggest goal is always a room the child can grow into. Mixing fun, educational, interactive elements that can be swamped out for a teen make over when the time comes.

We just wrapped up an install for a client in Hinsdale and love the results of this playroom. First image is where the ideas started and image two is a quick Iphone shot. Scroll down for source list.

Palm Wallpaper – Lake Forest Sunroom

After 5 years in NYC transplanted to LA and then migrated to Chicago, this client was craving the sunny, relaxed vibe of Southern California they left behind. The inspiration was to feel as though the outside came in for tea. The space is a central hub of activity of kids and mom play dates., were the family continually gathers. We included a bright palm wallpaper, pop of black and white pattern and boho rug to tie the room together.

pw 1.jpeg
pw 2.jpeg
pw 3.jpg
pw 4.jpg
Vintage Bohemian Stair Runner

Author: Sydney Piwowar

bohemian 1.jpg

We all fell involve with Hillary Duff’s Boho approved stair runner when Better Home and Gardens published her remodel. The witty take on a traditional element of design makes the space feel lively and brings a sense of much needed character. Her runner consists of 3 rugs, cut down and tailored into one. This concept is so simple you could do it with any rug! Whether its your grandma’s Persian rug you cant bare to get rid of your most recent Etsy find, you can easily have this bright, eclectic look. I have pulled a few of my favorite runners out there there right now to help you envision this in your space!

bohemian 2.jpg
bohemian 3.jpg

While Duff’s Pink aesthetic might be for everyone, we think this approach could be done in a variety of colors to bring the life back into space. See these unique colors below.

bohemian 4.jpg
bohemian 5.jpg