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Home Office Makeover

We just wrapped up a great home office makeover. This is not your average home office. This space was craved out of the space above the detached garage by the previous owner, but remained uninspired until we got our hands on it. We had a local artist paint a mural of a humpback whale, installed a light installation. We also incorporated muted green built in’s into an awkward side room. This providing natural office storage. Check out below.

3 Tips To A Perfect Dry Bar

Author: Sydney Piwowar

As society modernizes, I believe the perception of alcohol in the home does as well. Where once the home parlor was filled with cocktails and conversation, it turned to a plastic covered furniture living room. Now I believe we are in a full swing back to the original cocktail room we all knew and loved. Not every once looking to implement these in-home bars has the ability to add plumbing for a wet bar… This is where the Dry Bar steps in. It is the perfect space to call home for your best drink ware, wines and spirits. To elevate yours to the next level, I have curated 3 tips to make your Dry Bar the topic of the night!

Build It In

I know it isn’t a wet bar, so there is no need for built in components, but is important that it feels integrated into the home. If you are trying to add one into an existing structure, the easiest way to do this is to replace a built-in or unnecessary closet.

dry bar 1.jpg

Make It Feel Special

The most unsuccessful dry bars are the ones that feel left over kitchen cabinets you just put in the living room. They key to a good dry bar is to make it feel special. Consider special finishes on the cabinets, an upgraded stone counter top, a backsplash (could be tile, wallpaper, paint, etc.), and even lighting.

dry bar 2.jpeg

Add Lots of Storage

At first it will seem overwhelming because you have not began to curate your collection, but over time you will need it. Whether you need shelves for your Whiskey collection, or racks for your wine bottles, be sure to maximize on storage. Consider how your collection might change over time as well. For example, purchasing more glasses, changing from a red wine to white wine collection, will you need refrigeration?

dry bar 3.jpg

For more bar ideas, check out my painters page HERE!

Unexpected Wallpaper Applications

Author: Sydney Piwowar

Behind Built-Ins

This modern geometric pattern provides a sense of luxury and relaxation in this classic application.

Inside Kitchen Cabinets

Look how GREAT Kelly Wearstler Channels Wallpaper POPS against these crisp white cabinets.

Inside Closets

I love the fact that no matter your closet size, you can add an element of design to a space that is primarily just functional.

Stair Risers

This contrasting wallpaper mural completely changes the mood of what could have been a boring, white space. Love the sense of artistic creativity added here.

Stair Stringer

Over Doors

Doors don’t need to be boring anymore. There are so many great peel and stick wallpapers out there that you can use on flat panel doors.

Unexpected wallpaper 7.jpg

Upset because you don’t have flat panel doors to do this to? Don’t worry! You can totally apply this method to trimmed panels too. See below.

Framed Wallpaper

Wallpaper is a work of art.. Framing your left over wallpaper or samples is a great way to showcase your favorite patterns without the permanence of pasting it to a wall.

Accent Pillow Trends

We can not say enough how much we love the addition of accent pillows in a space. Accent pillows add warmth, character, personality, humor, drama and an opportunity to refresh the space quickly.  I am not one for seasonally themed pillows but a refresh to my living room, guest bedroom or master can completely change the tone and design direction. We love good pillows and are constantly on the hunt for a fresh selection. Scroll down for a few of our favorite spots to shop. I also often image a perfect pillow, color way or pattern that I can not find, so we source the fabric and have them made. It only take about 1.5 yards of material and a trip to your local dry cleaner to get a custom pillow made!

Our top places to shop for pillows.

1. Etsy
2. Lulu & Georgia
3. Burke Decor
4. Wayfair
5. Furbish Home
6. Kudd Krig Home

Deep Colored Walls — Powder Room, Family Room, Library... Oh My!

California can have it's light, breezy SoCal vibe with all white walls and boho splashed in. Fresh exciting, bold things are happening with deep, dark colored walls. Paint or wallpaper are all in.

Think of London library vibe.

Shake of the norm. No wall is permanent. Be brave and go for it.

xo, Jen

Dark Painted Cabinets

Dark painted cabinets are having a moment. A moment that I think is going to stick around for a awhile. We have spent 20 years in the beige range that dulled our senses and put us to sleep. It is an exciting time to be in design and see the marketed shift in peoples comfort zone. It's not like this is our first time in history experiencing dark cabinets. They pull from points in history of old drawing rooms and English libraries, which are rich, warm and inviting. For your first dark cabinet plunge, start with a dark neutral tone paint color, such as gray, blacks or navy.  I couple of my go to favorites are Benjamin Moore Hale Navy, Farrow & Ball Hague Blue, Benjamin Moore French Beret or Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray.

xo, Jen

West Shore Dr Library

West Shore Dr Library

Hyde Park Butler Pantry

Hyde Park Butler Pantry

Hyde Park Family Room Built In

Hyde Park Family Room Built In