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Top Indie Fabric and Textile Designers

Author: Sydney Piwowar

Im going to let you in on one of our BIGGEST trade secrets, we have a top secret list of our favorite up-and-comers. One of our responsibilities as a designer requires constant research for new furniture, fabric, and finish designers. Our knowledge of unique artisans is one of the biggest reasons why you hire us. As artists ourselves, we appreciate the creativity and hard work that many of these Indie designers put into re-defining textiles and the classic patterns. Please see our current Top Indie Fabric and Textile Designers list below.. Remember to spread the word to give these artists their much deserved credit as you won't see these designers in mainstream fabric shops. 

Imogen Heath


indie fabric 2.jpeg

St. Frank

indie fabric 3.jpg

Savanna Hayes

indie fabric 4.jpg
indie fabric 5.jpg

Quercus & Co. 

The Foundation Shop 

James Malone Fabrics

indie fabric 8.jpg

Holli Zollinger 

Caryn Cramer

Color Palette Inspiration — Camel and Blush Pink

We love starting a new project with fabric and wallpaper selection. Opening a package of freshly sent samples is the best mail at the office. We love sourcing fresh prints and colors from new lines that are typically a small business run by an artist putting their ideas into print and paper. 

A couple of our new favorites are St. Frank, Skinny Laminx, Imogen Heath, Adelene- Simple Cloth. Check out a couple inspiration boards we are working on for upcoming projects.