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Posts tagged framed wallpaper
Unexpected Wallpaper Applications

Author: Sydney Piwowar

Behind Built-Ins

This modern geometric pattern provides a sense of luxury and relaxation in this classic application.

Inside Kitchen Cabinets

Look how GREAT Kelly Wearstler Channels Wallpaper POPS against these crisp white cabinets.

Inside Closets

I love the fact that no matter your closet size, you can add an element of design to a space that is primarily just functional.

Stair Risers

This contrasting wallpaper mural completely changes the mood of what could have been a boring, white space. Love the sense of artistic creativity added here.

Stair Stringer

Over Doors

Doors don’t need to be boring anymore. There are so many great peel and stick wallpapers out there that you can use on flat panel doors.

Unexpected wallpaper 7.jpg

Upset because you don’t have flat panel doors to do this to? Don’t worry! You can totally apply this method to trimmed panels too. See below.

Framed Wallpaper

Wallpaper is a work of art.. Framing your left over wallpaper or samples is a great way to showcase your favorite patterns without the permanence of pasting it to a wall.