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5 Monochromatic Tile Color Palettes

Author: Sydney Piwowar

I call it the “Modern Mural”. Artists used large scale murals to tell the most elaborate, and beautiful, stories through tile mosaics. So many different cultures have done this through the years and I think America has found its own. It features clean lines, purposeful choice of grout colors, and a hand made nature, expressing the amazing new technologies we have to impact our spaces. I have curated a few of my favorite images and combinations to inspire you and a tile guide to inspire your next renovation.

monocromatic 1.jpg
monocromatic 6.jpg
monocromatic 9.jpg
monocromatic 12.jpeg
monocromatic 15.jpg
Top 5 Penny Tile Patterns

Author: Sydney Piwowar

We LOVE Penny tile because it is an inexpensive material that is very customizable. We love the flexibility this product allows, giving any project an inexpensive, but high end feel. The options are endless! See our Top 5 favorite patterns right now to inspire your next tile reno.

penny tile 1.jpg

Mot people only consider tile in bathrooms. They are definitely needed here, but are not restricted to that application. See how amazing these Penny Tiles finish off kitchens?!

penny tile 3.jpg

Dont be afraid to add color. These patterns are works of art for your floor.

If a full pattern is too much for your space, this colorful border is an amazing solution.

Top 5 Edgy Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

Author: Sydney Piwowar

Tired of white subway tile? We are too.. While it is a great budget friendly option, we encourage you to find creative ways to give your space more character. You should feel free to explore color, pattern, and material! Here are our Top 5 Edgy Kitchen Backsplash Ideas to inspire you in your kitchen makeover.


The Unexpected

edgy kitchen 1.jpg

The Trend Setter

edgy kitchen 2.jpg

The Pattern Lover

edgy kitchen 3.jpg

The Luxurious

edgy kitchen 4.jpeg

The Glamorous 

edgy kitchen 5.jpg
Exposed Edge Backsplash

Author: Sydney Piwowar

I have been secretly waiting for this trend to gain popularity for years! Because seriously, who actually likes bullnose? It’s not exactly an inspiring way to end tile. To prove how amazing exposed edge tile can be, I have curated a few of my favorite applications below. See more inspiration here, on my pinterest board.

Top 5 Kitchen Trends of 2019

Author: Sydney Piwowar

While minimalism remains a leading trend in design, we are seeing a large push back from not only other designers, but our clients for a desire of well designed space. Less in not always more people! After lots of research, I have curated the Top 5 Kitchen Trends of 2019 will be.

1. Hidden Appliances

This design trend offers a seamless integration of modern technology and classic design.

trends 2019 1.jpg

2. Well Designed Hardware

The simple bar cabinet pull or knob just doesn’t seem to do it anymore. More designer quality hardware options are becoming readily available and are a simple way to elevate your space.

trends 2019 2.jpg

3. Rustic Counter Tops

After years of seeing the same white marble counter tops, we are seeing a revolt. People are gravitating towards non-marble, rustic styles of counter tops such as polished concrete, quartz, and wood.

4. Contemporary Take on The Classics

The flat panel cabinet is gone people.. While I do not anticipate arched or ornate raised panel designs to come back either, we will see more design intention in kitchen cabinets. Thanks to modern technology, it is easier than ever to design custom kitchens. We will see this very evident in the panel designs of 2019.

5. More Metal

We have seen metal inlays gain popularity in the furniture of 2018, but we will see more metals popping up in our cabinetry. Not just in hardware or inlays, but in the finishing material of entire panels.

trends 2019 6.jpg

To see more 2019 kitchen inspiration trends, see my pinterest page here!

Unexpected Wallpaper Applications

Author: Sydney Piwowar

Behind Built-Ins

This modern geometric pattern provides a sense of luxury and relaxation in this classic application.

Inside Kitchen Cabinets

Look how GREAT Kelly Wearstler Channels Wallpaper POPS against these crisp white cabinets.

Inside Closets

I love the fact that no matter your closet size, you can add an element of design to a space that is primarily just functional.

Stair Risers

This contrasting wallpaper mural completely changes the mood of what could have been a boring, white space. Love the sense of artistic creativity added here.

Stair Stringer

Over Doors

Doors don’t need to be boring anymore. There are so many great peel and stick wallpapers out there that you can use on flat panel doors.

Unexpected wallpaper 7.jpg

Upset because you don’t have flat panel doors to do this to? Don’t worry! You can totally apply this method to trimmed panels too. See below.

Framed Wallpaper

Wallpaper is a work of art.. Framing your left over wallpaper or samples is a great way to showcase your favorite patterns without the permanence of pasting it to a wall.

The Anti-Trend: Black Hardware

Author: Sydney Piwowar

Everywhere you look you see it - brass hardware! It is one of the biggest trends in both the design and fashion world, we love the classic warmth it provides. At JTD, we respectfully choose not to follow the trends sometimes though. I want to introduce something we are calling the "anti-trend" - BLACK hardware. Yes, black. While its not conventional, it is the perfect alternative for an edgy flare. If you don't believe me, see below and let these amazing pieces inspire you! We have pulled together a few of our favorites and curated a images that will inspire you to choose black hardware on your next project. 

black hardware 1.jpg