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Top 5 Favorite Zellige Tile Applications

Author: Sydney Piwowar

I am sure you have all seen this trend in the 2018 design magazines and Pinterest. Well news for you, it is not going anywhere in 2019. Truth is, after so much technological innovation, we are all craving a sense of hand crafted work in our spaces. These Zellige Tiles are the epitome of that. The mosaic tilework is made from individually chiseled geometric tiles set into a plaster base. This form of Islamic art is one of the main characteristics of Moroccan architecture. To round up some inspiration for you, I have pulled my Top 5 Favorite Applications and specific tile recommendations for those designs.

Bathroom Shower

Cat Skill’s Hayfield Wedding Venue used Cle Tile’s Wheathered White Tile.

zellige 1.jpg

Kitchen Backsplash

Nicole Hollis used Cle Tile’s Glossy Black Tile in her Design of the kitchen.

zellige 2.jpg

A Nook or Built In

We could not find the source of this design, but pulled a tile we think would we be perfect for this application. The rustic emerald tile in the image looks similar to Riad Tile’s .

zellige 3.jpg


Designed by Georgia Ezra, check out her tile collection, Tile of Ezra. She used her own mosaic for this space.

zellige 4.jpg


For a similar look, check out this 2x6 subway tile from Zia Tile.

zellige 5.jpg
Design Hack: Bathrooms for Teens

Author: Sydney Piwowar

I did it myself as a kid, every year I wanted to re-do my room. For me, that was the first sign I wanted to become a designer, but for most it is the growing character and evolving taste of impressionable teens and pre-teens. This often leaves parents feeling frustrated as they just re-painted their room, or bought a new bed spread, new drapes, etc. We have all learned the hard way that a key to success in kids spaces is VERSATILITY.

There a few places though that the term versatility doesn’t apply. One of them being Bathrooms… tile, wallpaper, plumbing, oh my… all so permanent. This is why it is important that you feel confident that the bathroom design and palette reflects the culture of your family. Whether it be more sophisticated or young and playful. The key to getting the most out of your space is to make sure it matches you and your life style.

I have broken down design for teens into three palettes to match your family’s character. Check them out below and some Inso images for each!

Bold + Playful

Clean + Monochromatic

Bright + Cheery

Exposed Edge Backsplash

Author: Sydney Piwowar

I have been secretly waiting for this trend to gain popularity for years! Because seriously, who actually likes bullnose? It’s not exactly an inspiring way to end tile. To prove how amazing exposed edge tile can be, I have curated a few of my favorite applications below. See more inspiration here, on my pinterest board.

Top 5 Black Framed Shower Doors

Author: Sydney Piwowar

When they became a trend back in 2017, you had to pay BIG bucks for these beauties. Now that the trend has set in though, there are so many amazing vendors selling them stocked and ready for you! Here is our round up for Top 5 Black Framed Shower Doors.

For Large Showers

shower doors 1.jpg

For Small Showers

For Industrialists

For Minimalists

shower doors 4.jpg

For Those On A Budget

For inspiration on matching hardware and bathroom accessories, see our blog post on Design Details: Toilet Paper Holder and The Anti-Trend: Black Hardware.