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5 Monochromatic Tile Color Palettes

Author: Sydney Piwowar

I call it the “Modern Mural”. Artists used large scale murals to tell the most elaborate, and beautiful, stories through tile mosaics. So many different cultures have done this through the years and I think America has found its own. It features clean lines, purposeful choice of grout colors, and a hand made nature, expressing the amazing new technologies we have to impact our spaces. I have curated a few of my favorite images and combinations to inspire you and a tile guide to inspire your next renovation.

monocromatic 1.jpg
monocromatic 6.jpg
monocromatic 9.jpg
monocromatic 12.jpeg
monocromatic 15.jpg
Top 5 Edgy Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

Author: Sydney Piwowar

Tired of white subway tile? We are too.. While it is a great budget friendly option, we encourage you to find creative ways to give your space more character. You should feel free to explore color, pattern, and material! Here are our Top 5 Edgy Kitchen Backsplash Ideas to inspire you in your kitchen makeover.


The Unexpected

edgy kitchen 1.jpg

The Trend Setter

edgy kitchen 2.jpg

The Pattern Lover

edgy kitchen 3.jpg

The Luxurious

edgy kitchen 4.jpeg

The Glamorous 

edgy kitchen 5.jpg